Multiple wildfires are raging across Northern California - destroying protected lands, damaging homes and workplaces, and displacing thousands of residents. The blaze is becoming the largest in California history, and is expected to burn on for weeks to come.

Firefighters and disaster teams are fighting a hard battle to stop the wildfires and rebuild from the destruction, and the rest of us can lend a hand that will make a difference in the long-haul.


Stock 'em up

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For residents in the path of the wildfires, mass evacuations have forced them out of their homes and workplaces. With nowhere to go, they turn to the American Red Cross, which is setting up shelters across the region to house displaced residents.

Pitch in for toiletries, bedding, and meals online or text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Encourage the hard workers

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Working long days, in challenging conditions, and away from family can take its toll on our heroic responders.

Send an encouraging and appreciative tweet to the folks of the California Professional Firefighters, CAL FIRE in Shasta and Mendocino counties, and the Forest Service . They are real people who are working through a very challenging time — words of love and support go a long way.

Feed your inner pet lover

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Fires don’t just displace people - they displace pets and stray animals too. But accommodating all of these homeless sweeties is a financial and logistical challenge.

You can make sure these rescue animals are well-fed, comfortably sheltered, and fully loved by donating to the Haven Humane Society.

TIP: double-check before donating items

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Receiving and sorting through donated items can be a logistical challenge and requires extra manpower for aid workers after a major disaster. Learn more about how even the best intentions can do more harm than good in some cases.

Double-check with the organization or recipient directly to confirm if they did request items or that they are still in need before shipping anything out.

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