Hurricane Harvey has devastated much of Southern Texas - destroying homes, flooding streets, and displacing entire families.


The situation is changing every day, but that doesn't mean that we can't start making an impact.


Make it count (RECOMMENDED)

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Money is the most valuable thing you can contribute after a disaster. It allows aid organizations to minimize manpower while maximizing their resources.

See more verified charities at Charity Navigator.

TIP: double-check before donating items

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Receiving and sorting through donated items can be a logistical challenge and requires extra manpower for aid workers after a major disaster. Learn more about how even the best intentions can do more harm than good in some cases.

Double-check with the organization or recipient directly to confirm if they did request items or that they are still in need, before shipping anything out.

Get hands-on

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Are you in Southern Texas, or willing to travel? Check out fast-track training or daily opportunities to work at a shelter with victims. And please be PATIENT. Volunteer coordinators are often stretched thin in major disasters.

If you're not nearby, look into your local chapter at the American Red Cross to become a disaster responder right in your neighborhood. You might be able to deploy for future events.

Swing by your local blood bank

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Blood donations are in high demand after a major disaster. Find out where your closest Red Cross blood bank is and give blood. A single donation may help up to three different people.

It only takes about an hour, so you can do it on your lunch break!

TIP: be critical of what you share

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After a disaster, it's common for misinformation to spread online. With so many things going viral, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.

Before you share a photo, video, story, or donation link, do your research. It helps to protect those who've been impacted.

Support someone's best friend

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The SPCA of Texas is taking in lots of pets who were displaced after the damage. If you're in the North Texas area, you can sign up to foster a pet in need of a temporary home.

Far away but can't stop thinking about those cuties? Check with your local shelters to see if they've taken in some displaced animals. Or donate instead.

Spread the love!

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Share your appreciation with volunteers, aid workers, and those on the ground. They are real people who are working through a very challenging time, and words of love and support go a long way.

And don't forget to share these ideas for others!

TIP: feel solid with your choice

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Remember, these are just our recommendations. You should always do your own research into potential organizations to make sure that they are legitimate and align with your goals.

Check out Charity Navigator for some top-notch organizations working hard on relief efforts.


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