Hurricane Irma is predicted to hit the United States in coming days. At this stage, the impact is still unknown so it's hard to plan. 

But it's not too early to do things yourself that can make a big difference in the long-run.

(this post will be updated as more information becomes available)


Take 5 minutes to dig before you post

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Shockingly enough, "fake forecasts" are actually a thing. Seriously. Hoaxes about the path and impact of Hurricane Irma are going viral.

This isn't just silly, it's dangerous. False information discredits the real warnings and forecasts, and might lead people at risk to shirk essential safety plans. 

Before you share an update about Irma, take 5 minutes to triple-check from verified sources* that it's backed up. If it's not, hold off for now - it might be fake.

*verified like FEMA, who's already working hard to debunk false information.

Mark your calendar

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It's not always easy to donate regularly, so instead, consider making a plan.

If Irma does wreak havoc, disaster relief organizations that are currently responding to Hurricane Harvey will also be called to respond to Irma. This means that manpower and resources might be stretched thin, and they'll need the help more than ever.

Either donate now to help them prepare, or mark your calendar for a week or two from today to donate to those orgs that are sure to respond - like the Salvation Army, The American Red Cross, or others from Charity Navigator.


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