The deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history occurred Sunday night in Las Vegas, with over 50 people killed and around 500 more injured at the hands of a shooter. First responders and investigators are working quickly to aid victims, save lives and piece together information.

Our impact is critical in the immediate aftermath of such a senseless strategy, so let’s take our role seriously to stand with victims.

(this post will be updated as more information arrives. Last updated 3 Oct 2017)


Swing by your local blood drive


Blood donations are in high demand after a mass casualty event. Find out where your closest Red Cross blood bank or OneBlood drive is and give blood to the national supply. A single donation may help up to three different people.

It only takes about an hour, so you can schedule it on your lunch break, between errands, or before you meet a friend for dinner.

Be critical of what you share

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In the wake of such tragedies, our newsfeeds might be flooded with misleading, inaccurate, and downright fraudulent information. This information can cause panic or even put innocent lives at risk.

Any time that you “like” or share something yourself, you’re causing it to spread. Take a few minutes to do research that it's from a solid source. If you can’t find anything about it, then hold off - it might be fake.

Whether the source is a news site, alternate news site, or an individual who may claim to have a first-hand account, you can follow these simple steps to question the information and the source before you “like” or share.

Lead the recovery efforts


For the victims and their families, this tragedy is only the beginning. They've got a long road ahead of them with funeral costs, medical bills, and missed work. Chip in a few bucks to help them make it through this challenging time and towards a better recovery.

The Clark County Commission Chair, Steve Sisolak, has started a fundraiser for the victims that is bringing in incredible support. You can also check out the National Compassion Fund, which was established for the very purpose of sending 100% of donations directly to victims.

Pick up the phone


The next time you're waiting for the bus, get on the phone with your representatives to tell them how you feel about this issue. Gun control is an incredibly emotional and polarizing subject, so it's important that you decide for yourself where you stand on the issue. Start by learning the basics on the Second Amendment, federal gun laws, and gun laws in your state - and do some digging on your own.

Once you've done that, you're ready to make the call. Find your state to get the direct line for the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Calling is quicker, more direct, and more impactful than writing a letter, although you can also put pen to paper as an alternative.

TIP: keep an eye out for scams


If you want to donate directly to the victims, that's awesome and incredibly empathetic of you.  But sometimes, scammers take advantage of this. Follow some tips to know if it's legit.

If you see multiple fundraiser accounts for the same thing, or if anything else looks fishy, report it. It might be fraud, and you can help protect others from being scammed.

Consider waiting a bit as information unfolds before donating money. Verified accounts will appear soon.

Talk to your kids


As you wake up to the news of a senseless tragedy, you need time to understand the story yourself. But for some of us, we might be facing immediate questions from our children.

Talking to your kids is essential to helping them cope with a tragedy. You want them to feel safe, and to cope with this news in an age-appropriate way.

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