Afghanistan has been rocked by multiple high-profile attacks in the past month, leaving over 120 people dead and hundreds more injured. These attacks targeted mostly civilians and aid groups, taking innocent lives and destroying public spaces.


With a history of similar attacks across Afghanistan, we might see this as a problem out of our hands. But that’s far from true - you can be a small part of a solution.


Get medical care to victims


After a major attack, hundreds of people are rushed for medical care - but what happens if a hospital was damaged? Or if there is a shortage of health services and staff?

Doctors Without Borders advocates for the protection of medical facilities and for public health services in some of the most challenging places in the world. You can provide life-saving care in Afghanistan by donating a few bucks to their work.

Let the aid work continue

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The Afghanistan office of Save the Children was bombed and held under siege, killing five people and injuring dozens more. The organization is temporarily suspending operations in the country, but intend to continue their work.

Donate to Save the Children to help further their work with families and children who are fighting for survival.

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