Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya - a Muslim minority population - are fleeing Myanmar to escape violence and destruction of their homes. Refugees have fled the country to survive, but are separated from their families and face scarce supplies of food, water, and shelter. Aid organizations cannot currently serve the Rohingya still remaining in Myanmar, and are struggling to support the refugees who have arrived in neighboring Bangladesh.

The crisis is expected to continue and worsen in coming months, so the Rohingya people are desperately in need of help from the international community - that means you.


Stock up on essentials for camps (at a deal)

TIP: don't send items without triple-checking

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This situation is complex and challenging, so the best thing that any of us can do is make sure that we get those desperately-needed resources for existing aid organizations supporting the influx of refugees.

$25 allows you to provide shelter for a refugee family who is fleeing human rights abuses. And right now, you can actually get two shelters for the cost of one - thanks to a donor matching all donations through Partners.

You can also spend just a few bucks to cover enough sleep mats for 5 families or mosquito nets to protect from malaria - all at a great price.

Receiving and sorting through donated items can be a logistical challenge and requires extra manpower for aid workers who are already short-staffed and scraping for resources. Learn more about how even the best intentions can do more harm than good in some cases.

As of now, no aid organizations are putting out calls for donations of items. So even if you've got a great hand-me-down mat, hold onto it for now. And hold off on creating a bigger challenge for the folks on the ground.

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