In recent months, a “zero tolerance” policy on undocumented families migrating across the border has led to thousands of immigrant children being separated from their parents and taken into government custody. Parents and children go without contact with each other for weeks or months at a time.

We can bring comfort to children, be advocates for parents, and change this - starting today.


Donate for FREE


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Go ahead, buy those new headphones and give a boost to the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Pick up the phone


There are already a few bills being pushed to reverse the "zero-tolerance" policy, and now is the perfect opportunity to urge your representatives to take a stand. Find your state to get the direct line for the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Calling is quicker, more direct, and more impactful than writing a letter, although you can also put pen to paper as an alternative.

Don't know what to say? Try a script to help guide you, and make sure you do your own research on what is important to you.

Sponsor an advocate


With families separated, parents and children often go through the legal system in different ways. 

Be an advocate for children in court by providing legal counsel for unaccompanied minors or provide pro-bono lawyers for asylum-seeking parents with the ACLU and RAICES.

To find more charities working with immigrant families or learn how your dollar goes to work, check out Charity Navigator.


Talk the talk


Do you speak Spanish, Mam, Q’eqchi’ or K’iche’?

Be a part-time translator for families in desperate need of a voice. Find your local branch of Catholic Charities in their Immigration and Legal Services team or sign up to volunteer with the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Stand by their side


If you're near a border or detention center, you could be a comforting and impactful advocate.

Sign up to accompany a refugee or immigrant during ICE check-ins, immigration court dates, and at checkpoints. NOTE: Don't just show up without notice. It's important to sign up and be vetted through a verified organization.

Spread the word


Whether you're near or far, as long as you have the internet at your fingertips, you can give a voice to kids in custody.

Get on Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook to share stories and artwork by unaccompanied children who are separated from their family members.

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