Thousands of lives have been lost, and millions of people are displaced and fleeing across borders as war in Syria rages on.

Aid organizations are facing an array of challenges — access to remote and besieged regions, the danger of armed conflict, and the sheer volume of displaced individuals across the country and the world.

But with your support, aid groups can be more equipped than ever to support Syrians in need — whether still in the country, or those across borders.


Start in your community


For even just a few hours, you can support Syrians across the world or right in your community.

Volunteer some time with the International Rescue Committee, where you can organize fundraising events, support resettlement programs, or be an ESL tutor for refugees in your neighborhood.

Open doors to new neighbors


Do you ever wish that you could lend a room to a refugee without a home? Maybe you can!

Refugees Welcome is a home-sharing platform, kind of like AirBnB, to connect homeowners with refugees in need of a temporary home. See if your country is included and sign up to be a host.

The United States is currently not included, but countries such as Germany, Canada, and Australia are full of folks opening their doors to new neighbors. You can pitch in some change to help cover logistics and support costs to make it possible, too.

Save a life


Shelter, food, medical care, and psychosocial support — there’s an endless need for Syrians, whether they’re displaced in Syria or have fled for their lives.

Send a few bucks to aid organizations that are working on the ground to get essential, live-saving care to those in need:

To find more charities working in Syria or learn how your dollar goes to work, check out Charity Navigator.


Share what you would take

Syria_what would you take_DSC_0837_from CARE.jpeg

If you had to run for your life, #WhatWouldYouTake? Take a selfie with what or who you would take, tag the photo #WhatWouldYouTake, post it, and challenge your friends to do the same. Encourage your friends to think about this crisis as if it were happening right at home.

While you're at it, check out CARE for some items that refugees have taken as they fled their homes.

(Photo from CARE)

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