White supremacy, white nationalism, and hate groups in a broad sense have become a hot topic of concern. There are many names and many missions. But they're not new, and likely not going away any time soon.


It can be hard to figure out how to combat hate, but there's are lots of ways that each of us can make an impact.


Be critical of what you share

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During and in the wake of Charlottesville, our newsfeeds were flooded with misleading, inaccurate, and downright fraudulent information. But it hasn't stopped.

Any time that you “like” or share something yourself, you’re causing it to spread. Take a few minutes to do research. If you can’t find anything about it, then hold off - it might be fake.

Whether the source is a news site, alternate news site, or an individual who may claim to have a first-hand account, you can follow these simple steps to question the information and the source before you “like” or share.

Pay professionals to do impactful work

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We're not all lawyers or educators. But we can help hire top-level professionals to do pro-bono work that makes an impact.

Send a couple bucks to the hard-working teams at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Stop Hate Project, or the Anti-Defamation League. They're all tracking and working against hate groups in the United States.

Know your rights, and no fights

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One of the most tangible ways to support your community it to show up in person at a rally. But some rallies, protests, and counter-protests can turn dangerous and violent quickly, even if that wasn't the original intent.

Research your rights before you go. Print out a few copies to share with others. And remember: you can help keep yourself and others safe.

Take 15 minutes to get real on hate in your area

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We may not let hate groups represent us, but they are a reality. They come from all across the U.S.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some lesser-known hate symbols (because not all groups flash a swastika).

Then, take a peek at the SPLC's hate map, which indicates confirmed hate groups in your state. The more you know, the more capable you are to report hard-to-spot hate in your neighborhood.


Offer your time towards groups for good

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Are you pretty solid with social media or doing research? Organizations like Showing Up For Racial Justice are working hard to reach out to communities all across the U.S. to combat racism.

Offer up a small amount of your time to volunteer remotely. We don't advocate any group in particular here, so do your research too!


TIP: keep an eye out for scams

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If you want to donate directly to the victims of hate crimes, that's awesome of you.  But sometimes, scammers take advantage of this. Follow some tips to know if it's legit.

If you see multiple fundraiser accounts for the same thing, or if anything else looks fishy, report it. It might be fraud, and you can help protect others from being scammed. 


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